How to Print a Part

1. Create a STL

First thing is first, you got to create an STL file.
Not sure how to make an STL file? Click on your CAD software below for step by step instructions!

2. Get a Quote

Next, you'll want to know how much your part is going to cost. Enter in your part's volume and the printer you want to print on for a price quote.

* Please take into consideration that this quote is just an estimate. Once your part is printed, it is weighed and is charged by the gram. Most prints will fall in ±5% of this estimate.

3. Submit a Ticket

You're almost there!
If you're a student, all you have left to do is fill out a form on
the University's online ticketing system to get your part in line to print.

Submit a Ticket

If you are a not a student, send us an email, we'll help you get your part made.

Send us an Email

4. Pick up your part!

Woohoo, Your part is done! You will receive an email when your part is ready to be picked up from the table outside the Rapid Prototyping Lab at the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Room 1230.

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
MEL Room 1230
105 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801